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Welcome to Precision Personnel, a full service, technical recruiting firm located in the high-tech corridor along Florida's gulf coast. Over the years, we have built and earned a reputation as a premier placement agency. Just ask our employees- you probably know one, since we have clients in all areas of the country.

We have taken a unique approach to how we built this company. Any company is only as good as its people; therefore it stands that if we take care of our employees the way people want to be treated, that they will stay with us for a long time to come. Using this philosophy, we attract and retain some of the most-sought-after professionals in the industry.

We not only have an excellent benefits package we give to all of our employees, but after a contractor comes into the Precision Personnel family, this is where our service really shifts into high gear! Any questions a new employee might have are immediately taken up & handled - whether it be on insurance, 401K or any other question you may have, our staff is available to deliver. We keep your interests running in high gear behind the scene so you don't have to worry about it.

But our service is not limited to making sure our employees are happy. Just as we develop long-term relationships with our contractors, we also cultivate very close alliances with our customers. We take special pride in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied. When we enter a business relationship, we determine what our clients want and need and then make sure that we deliver on it. From recruiting across the internet, to networking with our many contacts, to doing all the things that it takes to place the right candidate in the right job, we locate the really hard-to-find prospects and deliver them to you!

Contact us today and discover for yourself why Precision Personnel is a premier placement agency!